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Wahnapitae First Nation

Niigaaniin Social Services

Operates as the implementation of the Ontario Works (OW) legislation with culturally appropriate provisions for rates, eligibility and program parameters established by the OW program

Employment Assistance
  • Helps individuals to obtain employment and financial independence
  • Provides job readiness workshops, referrals to job counselling and training programs, access to education programs and use of office equipment such as telephone, fax machine and computer
Financial Support
  • Basic Needs, such as food and clothing for individuals and their families
  • Shelter costs, based on the size of the family including rent, heat, hydro, gas, water, sewage, and house insurance
  • Provides life skills, cultural awareness and alternative ways to live a healthy lifestyle as well as to cope and adapt with life stressors
  • Consists of four cycles of personal development steps culminating in either treatment programs, education upgrading, and job skills training or employment
Shpiming Nikeyaa Zhaawag (SNZ)
  • Provides financial assistance, active measures and addiction services to Niigaaniin clients whose employment potential may be obstructed by substance abuse problems
  • Offers case management and support services on an individual basis
Members of Wahnapitae First Nation in immediate financial need to help pay for food and housing costs

Amount of financial assistance provided is determined by various factors including:
  • Assets
  • Family size
  • Housing costs
  • Income including income for any dependent adults or co-applicants
  • Mandatory participation in approved Employment Assistance activities
Application Process
Contact Niigaaniin Financial Specialist for initial assessment and to schedule appointment for Intake
The following documentation is required to complete application:
  • Asset details such as vehicle insurance and registration
  • Address and employment information for the past 12 months
  • Bank account information
  • Birth certificate
  • Confirmation of school attendance if necessary
  • Health card
  • Income tax assessments
  • Record of employment
  • Shelter costs, which can include utility bills or a rental agreement
  • Social insurance card/document
  • Spousal or child support records
  • Status card
705-858-0610 - Band Office
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Mailing Address
259 Taighwenini Trail Rd
Band Office, Centre of Excellence
Wahnapitae First Nation, ON, P0M 1H0
Victoria Petahtegoose, Niigaaniin Financial Specialist, Niigaaniin Main Office
Phone: 705-692-9771 Ext 3
Director of Services, Niigaaniin Main Office
Elizabeth Richer
Phone: 705-692-9771 Ext 1
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Completed application package required
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February 15, 2021
Band Office, Centre of Excellence, 259 Taighwenini Trail Rd
Wahnapitae First Nation, ON, P0M 1H0
  • Band Office is located in the Centre of Excellence building at Taighwenini Trail on Wahnapitae First Nation
  • Community is approx 50 km N of Sudbury, near Capreol on NW shores of Wanapitei Lake
  • Consists of 1 main reserve with a land area of approx 10.36 sq km; may increase with the settlement of a pending land claim
  • Reserve is known as Wahnapitae Indian Reserve No 11 
  • Completely separate from the community of Wahnapitae which is located on Hwy 17E within the city of Greater Sudbury
  • First Nation name comes from Wahnapitaeping which means 'that place where the water is shaped like a molar tooth' 

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Hours of Operation
0830 - 1630
0830 - 1630
0830 - 1630
0830 - 1630
0800 - 1100

Band Office: Mon-Thu 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Fri 8 am-11 am
Service Area(s)
Wahnapitae First Nation