Pwi Di Goo Zing Ne Yaa Zhing Advisory Services
Rainy Lake Tribal Area Business and Financial Services Corporation

  • Operates as an Aboriginal Financial Institution (AFI) which provides access to financial assistance in the form of loans for Aboriginal-owned businesses
  • Acts as an External Delivery Organization for the Aboriginal Business Development Program
  • Assists participants to access financial assistance to establish a business, acquire a business or expand an existing business

Funding can be provided for the following costs:
  • Capital costs
  • Costs associated with business innovation/growth
  • Costs of engaging consultants and other qualified professionals,
  • Costs associated with providing financial and business services
  • Costs associated with obtaining appropriate training and/or mentoring
  • Related infrastructure development
  • Operating costs
  • Marketing costs
  • Shares and assets
  • Must be a Canadian Aboriginal individual (Status, Non-Status, Inuk, Metis) or a Canadian corporation, partnership, association or other legal entity that is majority-owned and controlled by Canadian Aboriginal people
  • Must meet cash equity requirements: applicants 36 years of age and over must show they have 15% cash equity; applicants 18-35 years of age must show they have 10% cash equity
  • Other considerations are: related work experience/education, market and credit history
Application Process
Steps required for Aboriginal Business Development Plan include:
  • Initial telephone discussion with External Development Officer to determine if eligible
  • Submit a Business Proposal; must meet cash equity requirements
Fully Accessible
Legal Status
(50) Non Profit
Agency Information
211 Ontario North
Last Verified On October 29, 2019

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