Ne Chee Friendship Centre
Youth Justice Committee

Acts as an alternative justice program in place of the regular court system
  • Coordinates a meeting (Youth Justice Conference) between the victim and their supporters, the offender and their parents/supporters and program facilitators
  • Allows each party to tell their story of how the crime involved and affected them
  • Assists all members to form a resolution contract that outlines consequences for the offender such as curfew, compensation, school work and personal and public service, instead of being lawfully charged

NOTE: Offenders who plead innocent must remain in the regular court system
Open to all with a focus on off reserve Indigenous youth
  • First time, low risk young offenders who are accused of an offence which took place in the Kenora Court catchment area
  • Offences must be non violent and
  • Individual must take full responsibility for their actions and
  • Victim must be willing to take part in the program
  • Offender is expected to complete the resolution contract terms within 3 months

Age Requirements: Ages: 12 year(s) - 17 year(s);
Application Process
  • Pre charge referral accepted from the investigating police officer
  • Post charge referral accepted from the Crown Attorney
Fully Accessible
Legal Status
(50) Non Profit
Agency Information
211 Ontario North
Last Verified On July 3, 2019

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