Ne Chee Friendship Centre
Aboriginal Family Support Program

Offers services, ongoing support and education to enhance the lives of young children and families
  • Prevents children from becoming at-risk because of certain conditions such as family violence, poverty, abuse, neglect and unhealthy living conditions by offering information and education on effective parenting and good life teachings
  • Promotes healthier child development through early childhood interventions including information sessions on pre-parenting preparation and child development
  • Provides information on children's nutrition, injury prevention, and child mental health

Provides public education and information in the areas of:
  • Developing family values that are culturally based
  • Developmental needs of infants, toddlers and pre school aged children
  • Effective parenting
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE) and Fetal Smoking Syndrome

Programs include:

Culture Group

Provides a weekly group session for working on various Native crafts, handiwork and regalia

Healthy Parent Group
  • Provides education and information about child health care such as teething, discipline, child development and sexual issues
  • Provides childcare during sessions

Moms and Tots
  • Facilitates a variety of activities for mothers and tots to interact with other moms and children
  • Provides a lunch for participants

Parent Relief
  • Provides a respite period for parents for any reason
  • Offers a snack and lunch for children in attendance

  • Coordinates and supervises physical activities, games, stories and crafts
  • Teaches simple school readiness sessions

Support and Security Program
  • Offers workshops and information sessions to address concerns for new parents about the first year of a child's life
  • Provides childcare during sessions

Variety Afternoon

Offers a variety of short term programs on a rotation that can include:
  • Bun In the Oven, a program for pregnant women that teaches about healthy nutrition
  • Community Kitchen, a cooking session that brings 5 to 6 families together to learn about good nutrition and to cook a meal together which is taken home by each family
  • Hang Out Days, a program for new parents that offers open discussion with older parents to talk about concerns with child rearing
  • Nutrition Bingo, a bingo game that offers healthy foods as prizes in place of money
  • Off reserve Indigenous individuals and families with children under 6 years of age
  • Open to all with a focus on off reserve Indigenous peoples
Moms and Tots
Mothers and children 15 months to 3 years of age
Children 3 to 6 years of age
Support and Security Program
Parents with children 0 to 15 months of age
Application Process
  • Intake assessment required
  • Programs require advance registration
Parent Relief
Must call the day before to make arrangements
Fully Accessible
Legal Status
(50) Non Profit
Agency Information
211 Ontario North
Last Verified On July 3, 2019

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