Weechi It Te Win Family Services
Community Care Program

Oversees the delivery of child care and protection services and provides family support services
  • Administers services through each of the 10 Rainy Lake Tribal Area First Nations communities on an individual basis
  • Coordinates program through Family Services Workers and Family Counsellors who are members of the community in which they work
  • Ensures compliance by each community to child protection measures

Family Support Services

Offers an array of family support services including but not limited to:
  • Advocacy and referral to external agencies
  • Assessment and planning of child's and family's needs
  • Counselling
  • Emergency financial assistance for basic needs only in cases where the welfare of child/children is at-risk
  • Home visitation arrangements and supervison to enable parents to visit with their children living in alternative care

Prevention Services
  • Provides public education about parenting skills and assisting children through difficult times
  • Develops healthy social and recreational programs for families
  • Hosts community forums to address issues such as youth drug abuse, inadequate housing, schooling problems and after school activities
  • Organizes elders meetings that address traditional child rearing methods
  • Provides information sessions about understanding substance dependency and resulting family violence, and overcoming oppression by understanding cultural realities

Repatriation Services
  • Processes requests to have children in external foster care brought back to homes within the community
  • Acts as a liaison between the Band/Tribal Agency and external agencies
  • Provides advocacy on behalf of the child and family

Outreach Services
  • Provides the option to children adopted by outside families to discover their birth family and heritage
  • Provides records and information to Tribal Agency and external resources
Community Care Program contacts by community:
  • Big Grassy First Nation: 807-488-5917
  • Big Island First Nation (Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing): 807-488-5536
  • Couchiching First Nation: 807-274-7418
  • Lac La Croix: 807-485-2487
  • Naicatchewenin First Nation: 807-486-3407
  • Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation: 807-481-1110
  • Onigaming First Nation: 807-484-2299
  • Rainy River First Nation: 807-482-2479
  • Seine River First Nation: 807-599-1139
  • Stanjikoming First Nation: 807-274-2188
Children under 18 years of age and their families who are members of any of the 10 First Nations communities in the Rainy Lake Tribal Region

Family Support Services
  • Emergency financial assistance is provided ONLY in extenuating circumstances and each case is treated and considered separately; referral for assistance must come from the Band Council
  • Home visitation is available for families who have children in alternative care; request for visitation must come from birth family
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