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Ganawendaasowin Treatment Program

Provides a 9-bed residential treatment facility and support services for adolescents with alcohol and substance abuse difficulties combined with mental health or behavioural issues
  • Offers a 90-day substance abuse treatment program with a focus on culturally relevant programs, counselling and therapy
  • Operates an on site school with qualified teaching staff to allow residents of the Centre to continue with academic studies
  • Coordinates cultural naming ceremonies, feasts, sweat lodges and circles through the supervision of traditional elders
  • Promotes greater responsibility and involvement of the family members in the adolescent's life

Provides education and counselling focused on:
  • Developing a balance between the emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and social aspects of an individual's life
  • An individual's identity, belonging and sense of direction in life
  • Developing a healthy lifestyle, free of alcohol and substance abuse
  • Teaching relevant life skills

Aftercare Program
  • Provides a referral to another clinician, elder or service provider three weeks prior to discharge who will continue to provide service for 30 days after discharge
  • Offers an aftercare support group once per week for as long as needed
  • Offers continued access to cultural ceremonies

Also provides:
  • Designated child welfare beds at the treatment facility for First Nation's communities requiring child placement
  • Ganawendaasowin Treatment Program facility is located at 71 Mc
    Tavish Rd in Lavalle Township, 6 mi E of Fort Frances
  • Ganawendaasowin Treatment Program fax: 807-274-0218
  • Youth who have been diagnosed with alcohol and/or substance abuse issues combined with mental health issues and related behavioural, social and/or emotional difficulties
  • Youth placed in foster care
  • Must be a member of any of the 10 First Nations communities in the Rainy Lake Tribal Region either on/off-reserve
NOT ELIGIBLE: Youth displaying severe mental health, behavioural and/or solvent abuse issues

Age Requirements: Ages: 12 year(s) - 17 year(s);
Application Process
  • Program open to referrals from any source; upon request a referral package is sent out, reviewed upon return and interested parties notified of acceptance/non-acceptance into program
  • Intake assessment required

Child Welfare Beds
  • Referrals from other child welfare agencies
  • Child welfare documentation must be completed
Partially Accessible - Entrance -- Accessible from street level but no automatic push button; Parking -- Accessible with one designated handicapped parking space; Washroom -- Not accessible ; Building has elevator
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(50) Non Profit
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