Thunder Bay District Health Unit
Children's Visual Health Program

Free children's vision screening program for senior kindergarten (SK) students

  • Vision screening looks for signs of potential vision problems in children
  • School-based vision screening allows for all children to be checked for signs of eye problems so they can be treated in a timely manner (children who already wear glasses will be screened with their glasses on)
  • Three short, non-invasive tests will test for vision problems commonly found in children:
    • Autorefractor: the student's eyes will be scanned with a camera to measure the size and shape of the eyes
    • HOTV Visual Acuity Chart: the student will be asked to identify letters on a chart to measure clarity or sharpness of vision
    • Randot 3D Vision Test: the student will be asked to identify or point to shapes while wearing 3D glasses to measure depth perception

Note: Vision screening cannot detect all vision problems, and does not replace a child's regular visits to an optometrist
Children in Senior Kindergarten (SK) in all Thunder Bay District Schools starting in the 2019-2020 school year
Application Process
  • Detailed information will be sent home with the child before the screening takes place
  • All SK students will be screened unless the Health Unit receives notification from a guardian that they do not want their child to participate
  • Children who miss the screening at school can be screened at the Health Unit's Main office; contact the Children's Visual Health Program to schedule a screening
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