Grassy Narrows First Nation
Economic Development

Responsible for stimulating local economy and developing economic initiatives and opportunities for the community
  • Provides information, training and educational workshops to enhance employability skills
  • Posts employment opportunities in office and on website
  • Works to access funding for band-owned business ventures
  • Provides coaching in areas such as business plan development and assistance in obtaining financial support for people wanting to start own business
  • Hosts economic development strategic planning sessions
  • Assists in the development of plans for the use of traditional lands for community members

Economic/environmental concerns Grassy Narrows First Nation is involved with include:
  • Assistance and advisory services for private businesses
  • Challenging the 10-year Whiskey Jack Forest Management Plan which runs from 2012-2022 in an effort to stop clearcutting in Grassy Narrows traditional territory
  • Request for an Individual Environment Assessment of the 10-year management plan over concerns about large scale logging operations, the impact on water quality and the effect on hunting/trapping in area
  • Maintains an ongoing blockade, started in 2002, against provincial government to prevent logging on traditional territory
Tribal Council: Bimose Tribal Council
Political Territorial Organization: Grand Council Treaty #3 (GCT3)
Treaty #3
Members of Grassy Narrows First Nation
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